"Here, here! Education and breeding alone make me the only logical successor as-"


Ignatious P. Starkey is a flamboyant "gentleman" pirate that is part of Hook's crew. His crewmates have described him as a coward and a liar (The Ruby, but later confirmed to be a liar in The Letter), while Starkey himself claims to be of good education and social standing (Curly's Laugh). Frequently grooms himself, to the point that he has been singled out on his vanity (Friday The Thirteenth). Although he fancies himself to have a clever tongue (shown through his choice of punnery in Friday The Thirteenth and improv in The Play's The Thing), his acting technique is stilted (Curly's Laugh and The Play's The Thing). Starkey is a mama's boy (points out a cloud formation that he claims to look like his mother in Hook's Mother's Picture and writes her a letter in The Letter). Is one to swoon over Captain Hook's harpsichord music (Wee Problem). Skills include: Singing, harpsichord, dancing, and fencing. Prone to schemes, suggesting mutiny, and pretending to be captain. He sports black hair in a ponytail and a thin, irregular mustache.


  • Smee improving Starkey's dancing form in Professor Smee.

Voice Actor: David Shaughnessy