Knights of Neverland is the 18th episode of Peter Pan and the Pirates.

Synopsis Edit

Peter and the others are playing one of Wendy's stories: King Arthur and the knights. By the game they are all wearing heavy armament, what makes them unable to fly. The same time Wendy remembers she had a dream of a wolf, which comes out to be real. Soon this wolf gets kidnapped by the Pirates. Despite the difficulty and bigger danger without flying first three of the Lost Boys try to release the animal, but don't make it and (literally) get hang up by the Pirates. Then Wendy tries to free them all in a more female way, by talking and staying calm, but also this is without any affection, so she gets tied up. Finally Peter needs to make it himself and with the help of the rest of the Boys and Tink's fairy dust. At the end he can (literally) hang up Hook and the Pirates and rescue his friends and the wolf.