Slightly is one of the Lost Boys, presumably the oldest.

Voice Actor: Scott Menville


He has a pale complexion, honeyblonde hair and wears a cap in the shape of a parrot's head.


As a reference to his name he constantly uses the word "slightly" in his sentences. Oberon Gloriana Sue

His ambition is to be Peter's second-in-command ("The Ruby" or "Slightly duped" or "Slightly In Stone" or "Billy Jukes, Lost Boy" or A Wee Problem"), and because of this he often fights with Nibs. But when he is appointed such, he finds he is not cut out for the position ("Slightly duped"). ("The Ruby") ("Billy Jukes, Lost Boy") ("Slightly In Stone") (A Wee Problem)

He is often naive and immature when making decisions which can cause trouble for the others.

Although he is friends with the lost boys, nobody seems to be particularly close to him.


According to the original text, Slightly was the first of the lost boys to arrive on the island. He came wrapped in a blanket with a tag that said "slightly soiled", making him think that was his name. He often bragged that he was the only lost boy who had a name given to him by his mother. John Darling

In the episode Billy Jukes, Lost boy, he develops a "friendship" with the pirate Billy Jukes.